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As a member of Handan PhotoC Technologies Co. Ltd., we are one of the leading printer consumables manufacturers in China providing toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges, copier toner cartridges, OPC drums and bulk toner, etc. With the main production centre located in Handan, China, below are our production plant details:
  • Production employees: 730 skilled workers
  • Production facility size: 64,000 sqm
  • Functional Divisions:
  • Division of OPC Drum production
  • Division of Toner Powder production
  • Division of Toner Cartridge production
  • Division of Inkjet Cartridge assembly
  • Division of Cartridge Remanufacturing
  • Research & Development Department
  • Quality Control Department

Our production facility in China is certified with the internationally recognized quality & environmental management standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 respectively. We guarantee a high technical level. We have installed the most technologically advanced equipment for research, production and quality control. The R&D lab is well equipped with the modern testing facilities and latest lab equipment. The whole process is controlled by our well trained engineers and staff to ensure constant quality as well as stable production quality.

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