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We're one of the largest toner cartridge manufacturers in China!
  • We are one of the key manufacturers of professional replacement toner cartridges and printer consumables in China and have been a leader in the industry for more than 20 years.
  • We have production centers and distribution partners worldwide, with top-notch research & development and quality control system. This established our competitive position in the market.
  • All our products are under intensive quality assurance inspection e.g. ISO9001 to guarantee the highest quality and satisfaction.
  • By purchasing directly from the manufacturing side, you can enjoy stability regarding pricing and supply.
  • With our heritage sticks with technological advancement, we strive for the highest quality and our products have been specifically engineered to comply with OEM standards as well as our own quality control requirements. These standards, combined with ongoing research, lead to continual improvements in our production and provide you with top quality products with the latest technology .